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# 84 Teenager, Shigure

Title: Rebellious Phases
Prompt: #84 Teenager
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shigure doesn't like being ignored, and he's being a very disobedient adolescent.
Author Notes: Swearing and some adult themes.  I'm somewhat unsatisfied with this, but I've been working with it for two days so blah. No spoilers that I know of.  Feel free to leave me some criticism. 

Shigure’s parents never paid much attention to him as a child. They felt that as long as he kept the family secret and stayed in Akito’s favor, there was no real reason for them too. Little did they know, that while they bickered and climbed the social ladder, their son grew more sharp-witted and mischievous by the day. And as adolescence emerged from childhood, Shigure realized two, very important things: he had been neglected, and he was so fucking bored
The chaos that followed was epic in nature. 

He streaked through high-society family parties and lost his virginity to his 23 year old nanny at the age of thirteen (when questioned, the maid still insists that he seduced her). He paid prostitutes to sneak into Hatori’s bed at night and got Aaya drunk on his mother’s expensive sake. If Ritsu woke up with lewd writing on his forehead, Shigure was to blame. If his mother’s shoes were stretched out and her lipstick rundown, she merely sighed, assuming some cheap stunt on her son’s part, and chose a different shade. Shigure was the reason Kureno walked around with only one eyebrow for a month while Yuki-kun mysteriously developed a mustache at the age of two. 

The maids had rubber snakes in their beds? Shigure. An honorable daughter of influence had a hickey under her hair? Shigure. Ren-sama’s shampoo smelled suspiciously of tacky glue?

Well, you get the picture.  

It’s not so much that Shigure enjoyed tormenting everyone around him (although, he often did), he just needed a little attention. Causing trouble, eliciting a reaction; these things gave him proof he was alive and worth notice. Asserting his control over others was comforting when he had so little control over himself.

So he would wear a dog collar to school. He would let his hair grow into his eyes and smile that mischievous smile. He would proclaim undying love for his male best-friend while backhandedly seducing his teachers.

Shigure would do what he wanted.  And not even God would reign him in.



July 2007



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