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fruityfic100's Journal

A Fruits Basket Fanfic Challenge
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A low pressure fanfic community inspired by countless others, most notably fanfic100.

Pairings of all natures are accepted, including yaoi, yuri, het, and threesomes.

How it works

1. Check the claims list. You can do this here. If the pairing/character you want is open, make a claim here with the subject line Claim.

2. Once I've accepted your claim, start writing/drawing!

3. Post your stories/pictures. All stories should be 100 words or more, though I'm not going to do a word count or anything on you. Stories can be poems, drabbles, scripts, anything you want! Also, the pictures shouldn't be icons. There are plenty of places for those (though if you'd like to create an icon for the community to use you're welcome to). Try to post once every month, every two months at the longest. If you need an extension, request one here. I'm going to enforce the time limit because of the large number of claims and the popularity of Fruits Basket.

4. When you've finished your claim, post here. If anyone would like to make a banner for people that finish, let me know!

The Prompts

001.Games 002.Friends 003.Joy 004.Diversion 005.Fling
006.Fruit 007.Tease 008.Practical Joke 009.Insanity 010.Cage
011.Snow 012.Flowers 013.Sky 014.Water 015.Earth
016.Fire 017.Thunder 018.Gift 019.Giving 020.Cinnamon
021.Blush 022.Dirty Laundry 023.Fear 024.Family 025.Flight
026.Ego 027.Closet 028.Color 029.Gray 030.Coffee
031.Snack 032.Floor 033.Bed 034.Light 035.Dark
036.Day 037.Night 038.Dawn 039.Dusk 040.Rainbow
041.Cloud(s) 042.Roof 043.Power 044.Annoyance 045.Change
046.School 047.Winter 048.Spring 049.Summer 050.Fall
051.Holiday 052.Curse 053.Love 054.Hate 055.Apathy
056.Limit 057.Time 058.Past 059.Future 060.Present
061.Mountains 062.Ocean 063.Trees 064.Animal 065.Interest
066.Work 067.Home 068.Rat 069.Ox 070.Tiger
071.Rabbit 072.Dragon 073.Snake 074.Horse 075.Ram
076.Monkey 077.Bird 078.Dog 079.Boar 080.Cat
081.Rival 082.Partner 083.Child 084.Teenager 085.Adult
086.Unexpected 087.Marriage 088.Knowledge 089.Ignorance 090.Imagination
091.Onigiri (Riceball) 092.God 093.Kiss 094.Hug 095.Touch
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

Here's the HTML for the table if you'd like to put it in your journal.

The prompts may be interpreted in any way you'd like, from the literal to the...less obvious. Have fun! That's what this community was designed for, after all!

If you have a question, check the FAQ. If it's not answered there, post your question here.

When you post

1. Make sure you include these in your subject line: prompt number, prompt, claim. (i.e.For a fic that answered the first prompt with the claim Kyo/Tohru, this should be your subject line: #1 Games, Kyo/Tohru)

2. Include this information in your post:
Rating: Use the G-NC17 rating system, since it seems to be the most well known. If you use a different system, explain what your rating means.
Author Notes: Include warnings here, such as spoiler warnings, yaoi/yuri warnings, mpreg, etc.

3. Always cut your fics. It can be an lj-cut or a fake cut, just so long as it's behind a cut of some sort.

Useful links
Claim list
Request a Claim
Request an Extension
Drop a Claim
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